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Martinez E-B

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the way behaviors, beliefs and values are absorbed by people without thinking about them. My work seeks to force an examination of those unquestioned things, especially by considering the aura and authority that objects and images can have for a particular group of people. By way of installation, video, sound, performance, painting and writing, I intentionally complicate and re-contextualize those objects, images, signs, and symbols. Through a multi-disciplinary process, I attempt to interrogate the complex relationship between us and the objects and imagery that identify us, tell our histories, give power and expression to us, and at times hold us hostage.


A native of inner-city Cleveland, OH, and now living and working out of the Chicago, IL area, MARTINEZ E-B creates artworks that simulate the cultural/social/political fog of his birthplace. E-B received a BFA in Painting from Cleveland Institute of Art and his MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago. He is a multidisciplinary artist who has illustrated and authored books, had his works adapted into theater, shown in numerous exhibits, and has recently been featured in Sound of Applause Cleveland and in LEF(t) an artist publication by Critical Practice Inc. NYC. Martinez E-B, is a devout advocate for social change and holds a seat at the Kent State University’s Culturally Responsive panel. He has also launched his own company, Red Light Go Studios, whose mission is to create entertaining critical thinking material for the benefit of the youth mind-set.